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A puncture wound is a deep wound that occurs due to something sharp and pointed, such as a nail. The opening on the skin is small, and the puncture wound may not bleed much. Puncture wounds can. Your Care Instructions. A puncture wound can happen anywhere on your body. These wounds tend to be narrower and deeper than cuts. A puncture wound is usually left open instead of being closed. This is because a puncture wound can be easily infected, and closing it can make infection even more likely. You will probably have a bandage over the wound. Puncture wounds are any wounds that breaks through the skin and enter the body. In dogs, the most common puncture wound is caused by a bite by another dog or animal. Any kind of penetration carries a high risk of infection. - Wag!

Jul 21, 2008 · Wrist Puncture wounds? About two months ago, my boyfriend got stabbed in the wrist where you would normally take your pulse. Its healed over now but its a dark color and very puffed up. And hurts when he touches it. It was deep and he should have went to the hospital to get stitches and cleaned out. But what should we do? Sep 07, 2018 · Patient was attacked by a cat and sustained a puncture wound of right wrist and multiple scratches. She was treated and given course of antibiotics but conditions worsened and she was admitted and given intravenous antibiotics. After multiple days int he hospital she still had swelling in her hand and an MRI showed evidence of tenosynovitis. Tendon sheath infection If a small laceration or puncture wound occurs over the middle of a finger, especially near a joint on the palm side, an infection of the flexor tendon can occur. These can often cause severe stiffness, even destruction and rupture of the tendon. Communities > Neurology > Puncture Wound w/Nerve Damage. Aa. A. A. A. Close Neurology Community 45k Members Puncture Wound w/Nerve Damage girlybuff. HI. Last Thrusday I accidentally punctured my hand with a steak knife in the palm at the base of my index finger. from the wrist up to the finger to support the wound and allow you some. Dec 01, 2003 · Common Acute Hand Infections. The wrist should be extended approximately 25 degrees and should allow alignment of the thumb with the forearm. Puncture wounds should be extended proximally.

Oct 13, 2016 · Wrap the wound in a sterile bandage. Keep the wound bandaged and see your doctor. Change the bandage several times a day once your doctor has examined the wound. Watch for signs of infection, including redness, swelling, increased pain and fever. While plant thorn arthritis is technically noninfectious, these two forms of infectious arthritis can occur from plant thorn puncture of a joint, with or without true plant thorn arthritis. These forms of arthritis require urgent antibiotic treatment. For plant thorn arthritis, anti-inflammatory medications may quiet some of the inflammation. Traumatic hand injuries are common in otherwise healthy patients. We have discussed some of the common and uncommon hand injuries seen by primary care physicians and outlined the management and indications for referral. Initial management by the primary care physician is important to ensure a timely recovery and minimize long-term morbidity.

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